About the Fishing Gear 101 Website

The right fishing gear will help you land more fish all the time.

  • Rods – Choose a rod geared to the type of fishing you want to do – Spinning Rods hold Spinning Reels, Conventional/Trolling Rods are for trolling, and Rod/Reel combos come complete with the right reel for the rod. There are rods and reels for freshwater and saltwater fishing, too.
  • Reels – The right reel matches the rod and is a spinning reel or a trolling reel.
  • Tackle – These include hooks, lures, bait, and the tackle box to hold them all.
  • Lures – Fly-fishing lures are elaborate, and many fishermen tie their own, but you can buy lures, bobbers, hooks, and many other items designed to catch just the fish you’re looking for.
  • Nets – For most fishing trips, you’ll need nets to land those fish you’ve worked so hard to catch.
  • Tools – You’ll need tools, like pliers, knives, files, extra line and hooks to help you reshape hooks, cut tangled line, and much more.
  • Clothing – For many types of fishing, you’ll need boots and/or waders, gloves, and of course, a good fishing hat.

Before you set out to fish, invest in the right tools to make your fishing more enjoyable and productive.

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