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How to Dress for Fly Fishing

Monday, October 26th, 2009

When compared with outdoor hunting or camping clothes, clothing made for fly fishing is rather different. The fact that fly fishermen spend a part of their time both on land and in the water is what makes their outfit unique to some extent. The unique products required for fly fishing include rain gear, polarized sunglasses, waders, underwear, a fishing vest, hat and gloves.

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Chest and/or hip waders are crucial for fly fishing. Even though hip waders are great for fly fishing in smaller streams, they have their drawbacks. The chest waders that reach past the waist are best suited for most fly fishing circumstances. There are two different kinds of chest waders. For boot-foot waders, the boot is a very essential aspect, whereas stocking-foot waders need an autonomous set of wading shoes. A lot of fly fishermen like to wear neoprene socking-foot chest waders. Click to continue »

Basic Fishing Clothes

Monday, October 5th, 2009

Although you may as well go fishing in just a T-shirt and pair of shorts, in many cases you will need to wear more than this. There are special fishing clothes that are not only convenient but also give you needed protection in the environment you will be angling in. You should therefore be aware of the necessary attire.


When you are going fishing, you will need a hat, and not just any cap you lay your hands on. The hat should have a fairly large bill and neck cape to keep the rain off your face and neck. Click to continue »

Own a Fishing Boat? Fishing Gear Needed for Safety

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

Once you get into deep water, you need to fully outfit your fishing boat. Fishing gear needed for safety and survival includes some obvious items like life preservers and a first aid kit. But there are other items that smart fishermen wants to have handy on water.

Essential fishing boat – fishing gear includes: Click to continue »

Portable Generators for Fishermen

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

Some fishermen like to rough it, but others, myself included, are attached to creature comforts and modern technology. If you’ve ever seen the inside of some of the fancier ice fishing houses in northern Minnesota, you will certainly know what I’m talking about. Modern life and conveniences pretty much require electricity. Portable generators make electricity possible in places you never thought of finding it.

51404KSDXAL._SL160_Just think of the things that a portable generator can power up on your fishing trip. Fish finders, sonar, and weather radios need a source of reliable source of power.It is not only when you are deep into the lake that you will need this essential source of power. Even at the water’s edge, it is still quite useful. There are many things that will require this energy, such as a lights, heaters, or stoves. You can even use a microwave oven if you can generate the required watts.

Although your main goal is to fish, you may want to bring your laptop along to help make your trip more successful. For instance, with an internet connection, you can receive updates on weather patterns or emails informing you about suitable fishing locations. You can also stay in touch with family in case of emergencies. Although you can use a laptop on batteries, they may not last for your entire trip. You can use a portable generator to power the laptop as well.

There are basically two types of these handy power generators: fuel and battery ones.

Fuel generators

These often use either diesel or gasoline. They usually give more power output, ranging from some hundred watts to as much as five thousand watts. This means that they can power almost everything at home let alone during your fishing trip.

Battery generators

You probably won’t hear them referred to by this term. Instead, they are more commonly known by such names as UPS systems or just power supplies. These systems are like the ones you use to back up your computer during power outages at home, but they are slightly larger and give more power. However, they are smaller when compared to fuel generators both in terms of size and power output. Their advantages over the former are that they operate silently and do not pollute the air. They are also ultra portable.

Additional Considerations

  • Portable generators can cost anything from a couple hundred dollars to a couple thousand, depending on the type and capacity.
  • Weight is another factor to consider if you plan to move the unit around.
  • Some generators are wheeled tom make moving them about easier.
  • A noisy generator may be great in an emergency, but it may drive nuts otherwise.

Be sure to read the reviews on Amazon before buying a generator.

Although you will have your own preferences as to the type of portable generator you should use, you should ensure that you will get sufficient power for a long time. In the long run you want a portable generator that is durable, reliable, provide sufficient power, and fit your budget.

Essential Saltwater Fishing Gear

Monday, May 11th, 2009

No matter what your destination or preferred catch, the most modern and sophisticated equipment is available to the most serious fishing enthusiasts. Saltwater fishing gear that is just right for anyone planning a trip to some of the world’s largest oceans and gulfs is easy to find online or in sporting goods stores.

Before you acquire gear, you need to decide what kind of fish you are likely to catch. Of course this depends in part on the where you fish. Sometimes times you will pick a vacation destination first and then find out what kinds of fish are available; other times you might decide you want to catch a particular fish and go to where you can find them. Either approach can work for you if you take a little time to do some research first. Click to continue »

Essential Fishing Camp Gear

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

Sometimes the call of the wild is too strong to resist. The fish are just too many, the time too short, the air too fresh, and the waters too inviting. A day trip to the favorite fishing grounds is not enough. An extended fishing and camping trip is in order. For the plan to work, fishing camp gear is needed. Here are somethings you might want to take with you or leave at home. Click to continue »

Kid’s Fishing Gear for All Ages

Thursday, April 9th, 2009

Fishing is fun for adults, teens, and kids. Fishing gear today that is sold is age-appropriate to maximize safety while enjoying this family sport.

Fishing Pole Recommendations

It is best to start with a light rod and reel. These are easier to handle and make it easier for a person at any age to know when a fish is biting. Adults can usually use a fishing pole that is about 6 feet long, and child can use a rod about 4 to 5 feet long. Click to continue »

Fish Cleaning Tools of All Types

Monday, March 30th, 2009

A seasoned fisherman knows that you need to use the right tools in order to achieve the best results. Starting with matching fishing tackle to the size, species, and location of particular fish, to the kind of tackle box, vest, and other fishing gear; everything about fishing is about matching the right tools for the job. So it is with cleaning fish. The right tools will make cleaning fish a breeze and preserve the best parts for the table or campsite. Click to continue »