Essential Fishing Camp Gear

Sometimes the call of the wild is too strong to resist. The fish are just too many, the time too short, the air too fresh, and the waters too inviting. A day trip to the favorite fishing grounds is not enough. An extended fishing and camping trip is in order. For the plan to work, fishing camp gear is needed. Here are somethings you might want to take with you or leave at home.

sxc-lone-fisherman-200Aside from personal gear like your own sunglasses, hat, jacket, flashlight, first aid kit, and the necessary clothing; the usual camping equipment like a tent, sleeping bag, camping stove and cookware, food and water supplies, there is the fishing gear or tackle. The kind of fishing camp equipment you bring will depend on the type of fishing ground you are planning to visit. What kind of water, what topography is the land, what species of fish are there, and how big or small they are; these questions must be answered when planning your trip.

The other essentials in fishing camp gear are the cooler bags, the rod cases or pods, the tackle bags, rucksacks, bivvies and shelters, rig tools, bed chairs, tables and bank furniture. A tackle box is a good idea to organize and pack the fishing gear in. A vest too, especially if fly fishing or going out in a small boat.

Just bring the right tackle for the right setting. For example, for a beach trip pack the surf fishing gear, for backwater trips you will need the right rod and reel combo. All these can be purchased at fishing and camping stores. Visit a store near you or go online before heeding the call of the wild.

Finally, there’s the gear you should leave at home: your iPhone and iPod, electronic games, blackberry, pda, and netbook. Leave the dvd, tv, and radio at home and take a good book instead. Better yet, take a notebook to record your thoughts without distractions.

If you are going alone, give yourself over to the experience completely. If you are going with friends or family, make it a fun social occasion. You only have to think about your companions and the fish that are waiting for you to come.

Start planning your next fishing camp trip now, you won’t regret it.

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