Low Cost Fishing Kits Can Be Reel Bargains

Written by Weekend Angler on April 20th, 2009

Low cost fishing kits are great for beginners of any age, because they include all the essential fishing gear needed to get started. However, and adult might feel a bit silly using kit designed for very young children — unless they too are into cartoon heroes. On the other hand a kit designed for teens or adults would be way too hard for little kids to use.

Kits for Young People
Spongebob Squarepants Floating Spincast Combo KitLow cost fishing kits can give a young fisherman a chance to try the pastime to see if it suits them without spending a great deal. These kits are sold at a fraction of the price of standard fishing equipment, yet they can introduce a young person in the basics of fishing. If the young person takes to the pastime, they can upgrade to a higher standard of equipment as needed.

Some manufacturers produce fishing kits for grade school children with a theme based on their favorite cartoon characters like the Spongebob Squarepants Floating Spincast Combo Kit. Plus there are kits designed for both little girls and little boys. One of the female designs even donates a portion of the money made to breast cancer research, so you can be supporting an extremely worthy cause as well as introducing your daughter to a hobby which can provide plenty of fresh air, sunshine, and enjoyment.

Some of the kits are aimed at very young children and include mini sized rods that are less than three feet in long. They will also have specially adapted reels which function with button control, making them easier for young people to operate.

Most of the kits fit into the same size pack as these, but have proper five foot rods in two parts. There is always some degree of lost feel and control with a two part rod, but that should be a minor consideration with young beginners.

As the young people progress to a higher standard of equipment, they may well find that a two part rod will suit them anyway. With modern technology, and specifically the use of graphite, the amount of lost feel and control is barely noticeable.

Kits for Any Age Group
The kits aimed at extremely young people are not the only kits available at discount prices. Kits are available which will suit fishermen at any level of experience.

Lures are available in kit form which include all kinds of jigs and spinners which are used to attract fish to the line in the first place. These kits can include the hooks and floats, and even a cheap line, and still come in at under ten dollars! There is even a special kit aimed specifically at trout fishermen which contains grubs and attractants in various colors. These low cost fishing kits will give a budding trout fisherman plenty to experiment with.

Slightly more expensive kits aimed at more advanced fishermen include a full spinning reel combination kit at a very cheap price, and a spin cast kit for even half that amount. Daiwa D-Fish DF-200 Spincast Combo Kit is a good example of this type of kit. It really is cheap and easy to get started in fishing with one of these all purpose kits, and a spin cast reel is the perfect choice for a beginner. Although there is a price to be paid in terms of the distance which can be reached, that price is small, and the beginner should seriously think about using this technology.

There is after all, very little risk involved in buying one of these low cost fishing kits.

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