Buying A Fishing Rod: What You Need To Consider

Buying a fishing rod is not something you should just rush in to if you have had no previous experience. There are many different weights and types of rod, and the one which is most suitable for you will depend largely on the exact type of fishing you will be using it for. The other prime consideration is a practical one, how and where you are going to store and transport it. Rods which are manufactured in one long piece will always feel more natural and be the easiest to control, but if you will have difficulty transporting such a rod you can look at one of the many rods which come in two detachable pieces, and are assembled once you get on site.

Modern manufacturing methods have advanced so far that two part rods will be more than adequate for the vast majority of applications. The loss in natural feel will be minimal, and the ease of transporting the rod will be vastly enhanced. If you are interested in spin fishing, you will only need an extremely light rod, and these rods are typically under six feet long even in one piece. This type of rod can cast extremely light lures, and is popularly used in trout and bass fishing. If you are buying a fishing rod for a beginner, these rods are a good place to start.
Shimano® 2-Pc. FX Spinning Rod

Fly Fishing Rods
For fly fishing, you will need a rod which is lightweight and thin. These rods are typically made from carbon graphite fibers, and there is a variation in the flexibility of these rods which produces a trade off. The rods which are the most flexible are easier to cast because the fly will land more softly on the water, but the extended flexibility diminishes the distance at which the rod will be effective. If you are going to be fly fishing in windy conditions, it will be better to choose a less flexible rod to improve stability.

Spinning Rods
Spinning rods are also typically made from graphite, but are longer than the ultra light rods mentioned earlier. These rods are a good choice if you want to spend extended periods of time out on the water, because they are built for comfort. The rods are made so that the weight hangs below the rod, and is easily supported between the fingers of the fisherman’s dominant hand. These rods are very popular with Americans for trout and bass fishing, and are even available with longer handles so they can be used by two people working together.

Trolling Rods
For the more ambitious fisherman with a boat available, there are trolling rods which are dragged through the water as the boat moves. These are, as you would expect, very long and heavy in comparison with rods designed for use on the river banks. These rods are extensively used in salmon fishing, and greater numbers of them are being produced all the time as this type of fishing grows in popularity. As you can see, there are many different types of fishing, and the type you are interested in will be you primary consideration when buying a fishing rod.

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