Grab Your Fishing Gear

Everyone is aware of the basic equipment needed for fishing: a rod and reel. But everyone may not be aware that there is different equipment used for different styles of fishing. Spinning reels are different from bait casting reels for a reason.

Hooks and Lures
A pro fisherman wouldn’t use an Aberdeen where a Circle Hook should be used and vice-versa. A fly fisherman will look long and hard for the perfect fly to catch that speckled trout. The same goes with fishing line which is designed with specific applications. At times you may need a lightweight line with a lot of stretch, other times you may need the heavy braided line.

But finding the right gear for the right application goes well beyond these basic elements.

There are a wide range of fishing nets available.Some are designed for small fresh water fish  and others the large burly beasts of the ocean. No matter what species your hoping to catch, it is important to have a net large enough to accommodate your catch.

Tackle Boxes
If you know an avid fisherman, then you realize that a fisherman’s tackle box is like a treasure chest. After years of fishing, all of those flies, lures, hooks and other small fishing tackle will become a sizeable collection. So a good tackle box, with a lot of compartments to keep the small gear safe and secure is a must.

Fishing Flies
Creative Commons License photo credit: Trout Lore

While fishing a fisherman will need other tools as well, like pliers, knives, sharpening tools and a thousand other things. All of these things may seem mundane to the average “Joe”, but to the true fisherman one thing stays the same, through the years and in all environments: the love of that special combination of relaxation and struggle, strategy and stillness that is fishing. It is a good idea to have a bag to carry the items that fit a tackle box.

On the water
While some people find fishing onshore satisfying, most fishermen want to go on on the water. Some prefer kayaks or canoes because they are so easy to carry. Other wouldn’t think of fishing from anything but a boat. Different environments require different boats, such as, dinghies, motor boats, bass fishing boats, or ocean-going 60-footers.

High Tech Gear
Many fishermen consider GPS, sonar, weather radios, and portable generators essential gear. This stuff isn’t cheap but it can make a fishing trip safer and more productive.  The sky’s the limit when you are shopping for high tech gear, so be prepared to spend big.

Regardless of the gear you use, one thing holds true: Fishing offers a unique mix of challenge and relaxation. It quiets the soul and gives you time to think about the important things in life. Nevertheless fishing is more fun with the right gear.

So grab your gear and go fishing.

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