Great Gifts for the Avid Fisherman

Written by Weekend Angler on May 5th, 2009

Gifts for an avid fisherman are not easy to choose unless you have some knowledge of fishing yourself. The last mistake you want to make is to choose a gift which is totally worthless to the recipient, because it is either something which he already has, or something which relates to a different type of fishing from the one he is involved in. The one golden rule you need to follow is to find out as much as you can from the gift’s intended recipient, in a discrete way, of course. If you can ask some questions and show an interest, you should be able to glean enough information to make an informed choice. After all, enthusiasts don’t usually need too much coaxing to talk about their hobbies!

Consider Fishing Gear – Especially Upgrades
The most obvious gift is the fishing gear itself, but many experienced fishermen will have everything they need in terms of the major items – rods, reels, line. If your avid fisherman is relatively new to the sport, he may not yet have upgraded to the better standard of equipment that he will presumably aspire to. If this is the case, buying this equipment will certainly give your fisherman a gift he will appreciate and remember for a long time to come.

River’s Edge Optical Mouse FiretigerEveryone Loves Useful Fishing Gadgets
There may also be a useful gadget which is missing from his collection that he has not yet considered, maybe a meter which tells him how far below the surface his line is? This can be invaluable to a fisherman who knows the depth at which his target prey can be found. Something really silly like a computer mouse shaped like a fish is sure to get a few chuckles.

The Right Clothes Make the Fisherman
Not quite, but clothing is also a popular choice, although again the most avid of fishermen may well have everything they need anyway. A new pair of boots or some waterproof clothing is never a bad idea, especially if you hear your fisherman moaning about the state of his old ones, and saying he really must get round to replacing them!

Give Me Shelter
If clothing is not really an option what about something like a shelter? Fishing shelters like a small tent are relatively inexpensive, yet they can make fishing on a wet day a whole new experience.

Fishing Info: The Best Gift of All
One of the most useful gifts for an avid fisherman can be information. Here, you can probably have access to your fisherman’s collection, so you will know in advance what he has got and what he hasn’t. In the modern world there are plenty of instructional DVD sets made for just about every hobby, and fishing certainly has plenty of them. Provided you can make sure that he doesn’t already have an item in his collection, you are guaranteed here to be buying something useful, durable and relevant.

It is also important not to overlook the media of the past. A lot of fishing techniques have not changed much in decades, and an old book from a previous age can make a wonderful gift. The information can still be highly useful and relevant, and many old books are a treat in themselves, as they were produced with far more care and attention to detail than many modern books. Something which is unique, possibly a signed copy of a classic book, can be one of the most appreciated gifts for an avid fisherman.

While fishing gear is welcome any time of year, with both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day coming up soon, why not give you favorite fisher a gift for their favorite hobby?

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