Shopping for the Perfect Fishing Rod

Written by Weekend Angler on December 20th, 2008

The very first piece of fishing gear you need to acquire is a fishing rod. Although you may have used a simple fishing pole when you were younger, serious fishermen consider a good quality rod and reel essential equipment.

When shopping for your next fishing rod, always remember to consider three important factors. Check out the materials used, its flexibility and the length of the targeted rod.

Although you can find fishing rods made of boron, titanium, wood or bamboo, today most rods are made from fiberglass or graphite. Fiberglass and graphite rods are lightweight, flexible, and able to withstand considerable strain. These two materials have their own set of benefits. The fiberglass rods can be used in almost all fishing conditions. Fiberglass rods are very durable because fiberglass wears better than graphite. The graphite rods are the most popular rods even though they are a bit pricey, because they are more accurate.

Its flexibility is another consideration when selecting a fishing rod. Pay close attention to the amount of action of the rod when shopping. The action measures how flexible or stiff a rod is when you cast or reel in your line. There are three actions that you can consider the slow-action rod, the medium action rod and the fast-action rod. Fast-action rods have the least amount of bend or flex, while slow-action rods bend nearly to the handle. If you are a beginner, look for a medium-action fly fishing rod which falls between the two extremes.

The last factor to consider when shopping for a fishing rod is its length. Remember that a shorter fishing rod will have less action since they create less torque when reeling and casting. If you are a beginner, you may want to add the longer rod so that this can provide you with a good casting distance. The medium-sized rod that measures between eight to nine feet can provide for better action, control and strength.

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