The Top Fishing Vacation Destinations

Written by Weekend Angler on May 14th, 2009

The top places to go for a fishing vacation depend to a great extent on your budget, how far you are prepared to travel, and exactly what you are looking for from your fishing experience. The USA offers such a diverse range of fishing trips and fishing experiences that you will find you cannot exhaust them even in a lifetime of trying. Every state has something unique to offer, so the sooner you start travelling and experimenting, the more experiences you will be able to enjoy.

North to Alaska
Alaska Fishing on a Budget: A First-Timer’s Guide to Organizing and Planning an Economy Salmon Fishing Trip to the Last FrontierEveryone knows the reputation of Alaska as a fishing destination, but you don’t have to go that far if you don’t want to. Winter and summer you can find great fishing spots in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and New York. Every state has public parks and lakes which offer challenging fishing for the price of a license. If you have already decided that Alaska is definitely the place to go, you can choose between the famed Alaska salmon fishing or the less well known charter based halibut fishing. Alaska has plenty of devoted fans who return year in year out, so there is no disputing its claim to be one of the top places to go for a fishing vacation.

Angling in the British Isles
For those who are able, and prepared, to go further afield, the British Isles offer some of the world’s finest fishing trips. Within a couple of hundred miles of each other you can find the calm, tranquil lakes of Cumbria and the fast flowing rivers of Northern Scotland. Great Britain offers many diverse fishing experiences within a very small distance, making it an ideal choice for the fisherman who wants to take in as many different experiences as possible within the trip of a lifetime. If you are also interested in playing golf or delving into history, you will find this region one of the most rewarding in the whole world to visit.

Casting Your Nets Wider
Many other places throughout the world can offer their own unique fishing experience. In many third world countries, fishing is a lot more than just a pastime, it can be the major source of trade and income for whole communities. Visiting such areas can bring a whole new perspective and understanding to the fishing enthusiast. Places such as Mexico and Central America can be excellent choices for a fishing vacation, as well as being good choices for fishermen on a limited budget.

For those lucky people for whom budget is not a great concern, there are many legendary fishing spots in the world which double up as exotic tourist locations. If you are part of a couple or family where your passion for fishing is not shared, these destinations can be ideal. You can find much to enjoy together away from fishing, as well as plenty of time to fish in some of the most exotic scenery in the world. Mauritius, Hawaii and the Bahamas are among the finest of these top places to go for a fishing vacation.

Half the fun of a fishing vacation is in the planning, and the internet offers plenty of help there. Why not treat yourself and plan a summer fishing trip even if it has to be close to home?

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