Every Fisherman Needs a Good Fishing Bag

Written by Weekend Angler on March 5th, 2009

Fishermen use bags of all sizes and types. From wallets and small fanny packs to backpacks, chestpacks, and shoulder bags, these bags are designed to meet the needs of avid fishermen. They are handy for storing flies, lures, hooks, and small tools. The larger bags can accommodate a sandwich or two, small snacks, and a bottle of water.

Initially fishing bags were just another type of tackle box but today they are both more elaborate and more utilitarian. Some of the bags you see today are really large and complex pieces of side sided luggage. They may contain tackle trays, utility boxes, padded tubes, and a variety of pockets.

The materials used include canvas or nylon fabric, mesh, lightweight padding, and velcro or water resistant zippers. Some bags are specially treated to be water-proof or water resistant.

Field & Stream - The Ultimate: Fishing Stool with Built-in BackpackKeep in mind that most of these bags do double duty for storing and transporting fishing gear. Some specialized bags you might want to consider are:

Pouches: If you want to travel light, a fly wallet is a useful thing to have. These soft pouches conceal lots of compartments that are just right for your favorite flies. They will be safe and secure inside these wallets.

Bucket bags: These bags make carrying the buckets and other gear that an ice fishman needs. Buckets fit inside the bag which usually has both a shoulder strap and carrying handle.

Wader Bags: These bags are designed to keep your gear dry even if you end up thigh high in water. Fitted with shoulder straps, these bags can carry vest, waders, shoes and socks, and anything else you need to carry. If these bags do get wet, they have vented pockets to let the water drain out quickly. These waterproof bags feature zippers that are won’t leak and are easy to open even when they are wet. Plus wader bags are don’t absorb odors and are easy to wipe out.

Rod & Reel Bags: If flying is part of your next fishing trip, you will definitely need a
bag for your rod and reel. The bags include long and narrow tubes and protect your most expensive and essential gear from even the roughest handling. Even if you don’t take your fishing gear on an airplane, you might want to get one of these bags to make storing and protecting your rod easier.

If you are just taking up fishing, don’t spend a lot on bags. There are much more important things to buy first. However, there are lots of inexpensive, good quality bags available. A favorite of mine combines a fishing stool with built-in backpack. It’s study, lightweight, and easy to carry.

A good fishing gear bag will make it a lot easier to take everything you need with you when you go on your next fishing trip. Remember to clean your fishing gear and repack your bags after each outing, so you will be able to grab your fishing bags and leave immediately wherever the opportunity arises.

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