Fishing Vests: Why You Need One

Written by Weekend Angler on March 9th, 2009

Do you ever find yourself at a loss, because you want to wade into that deep water but don’t know how you could possibly bring all the tackle you need with you? The fish are biting out there and all you need to do is just go wade in. There is just no way to bring the tackle box with you. No place to put it in the water, not enough hands to carry it, don’t want to leave it in the banks either. Never fear, fishing vests are here.

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Redington Clark Fork Mesh Gear Vest Did you ever get the feeling that your tackle box was taking up too much space on your little fishing boat; that the box was way too big for the gear that you need to bring this time? Did you ever wish that there was an easier, more space saving way to keep all you need close by, without lugging it around with you when you go offshore fishing? Never fear, fishing vests are here.

Velcro, zips, snaps, rings, and a thousand pockets. Useful bellows pockets and flaps, and a fly drying patch. Fishing vests come in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles. Although camouflage is pretty popular, most vests come in drab colors to blend into the surroundings. These vests are fast drying cotton or nylon with a comfortable fit and design. They are a great problem solver for organizing and storage of fishing tackle. In fact, fishing vests do the work of fishing tackle boxes for short excursions and light fishing needs. These short, comfortable, fast drying garments are a useful piece of gear for the average fisherman. Put it on your list of things to bring on a fishing trip.

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