The Importance of Sonar Units for Fishing

Written by Weekend Angler on July 24th, 2009

You can’t expect to be a good angler if you do not know how to zero in on the fish in the first place. Fishermen have devised many methods of doing this, including some pretty farfetched procedures. However, you do not need to rely on guesswork in this important task. You will get more accurate results when you make use of sonar units to find just where the fish are located.

These devices will make your work very easy. Basically, the units work by transmitting sound waves that are reflected upon hitting objects in the water. However, it is more intricate than the echo that you hear when you shout.

These sophisticated pieces of scientific equipment will help you to differentiate fish from other objects in the water. The devices make use of color codes to identify different things below the water’s surface. Basically, sound bounces off differently from one type of object to another.

Norcross Hawkeye F33P Fish FinderFish aren’t the only things that you can identify underwater by using these devices. For instance, there may be some obstructions just below the surface of the water that can easily damage your boat. The sonar equipment will help you to detect them in good time.

When you invest in a good unit, you will be able to get very clear images of the things that are pretty deep underwater. For instance, good quality devices can give you details that are as much as 900 feet below the water’s surface. However, even relatively cheaper ones can easily detect objects that are 125 feet deep. They are therefore ideal for deep sea fishing.

As technology advances the devices are also getting more and more sophisticated. The modern screens are larger and give shaper details in full color. More advanced ones give three different views simultaneously, covering the front, back, and side. You may also go for ones that have other unique features such as GPS functions.

Most of us think of sonar units in boats, but there are small handheld units like the Norcross Hawkeye F33P Fish Finder that can even be used from shore.

Making use of sonar units will help you to have a great fishing experience. Check out the range of sonar units available on Amazon. Consider adding one the latest ones to you fishing bag.

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